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Hi, I’m Pam!  I am a mom of three pretty amazing grown kids and two adorable grandchildren.  I'm an addict to Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea, and a lover of the small details in life that make a big impact.  I'm a baseball junkie, love my family, animals, and banana runts!  In my spare time I like to knit scarves, and some of the adorable baby hats and cocoons I use as props in my newborn photography.

I knew early on I would be surrounded by children. Being a home-daycare provider confirmed my love for children and the innocence and purity they bring to the world. But then I found that I had this passion for photography and the moments that could be captured.  I knew my passion had integrated into my life when I was working at hospital during the day, but dreaming about the photographs I wanted to capture on my own time!

I’m a sucker for emotion, creativity and being unique with all things.   I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera and I do my best to bring out your true personality in your portraits. My intent is for your photographs to represent moments that evoke that from you and are carried on through family generations looking back on these heirlooms.

Without a doubt newborn photography is my favorite. The tiny toes, the curled eyelashes and those lips get me every time. My style is authentic, refreshing and timeless. With every client I work with I want them to remember this moment, how their newborn fit into their arms or the butterfly flutters of baby kicks they had being pregnant, or the way their baby could smile and fill their hearts with love like they never thought possible.

I believe your baby and life experiences are like no other; your photographs should be the same. I would love to be a part of capturing them.  

Connect with me in the contact tab, I can’t wait to meet you.



March 2016 Shooting a sunrise in southern Florida - selfie
New Year's Eve 2015 - selfie
February 2015 - vacationing in Florida - self portrait
June 2014 - self portrait
Harper's Ferry, November 2015 - Scouting out a family shoot site - selfie
My sons and I celebrating my birthday in June 2016 at my favorite ballpark, Camden Yards! Go O's!
Going above and beyond for my clients.............means getting up at the crack of dawn to clean the windows of an antique phone booth in downtown Westminster. Whatever it takes to get that perfect shot.
And you can tell by the finished product - my planning and hard work paid off!!
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